Unload your mind from worry, depression, negative thinking patterns, improve your memory, get support to change unwanted behaviour in children and adults with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Become a new you!

Find out why you think negatively!

Get equiped to deal with negative thought!

Get Psychological support to achieve your goals!

CBT is a form of goal based talking therapy allowing the client to receive feedbacks at the end of every session, track progress and work hand in hand with the therapist to change negative thinking patterns, unwanted behaviour, take control of random negative emotions.


CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is a very adaptable, flexible form of talking therapy that can integrate various approaches, techniques and philosophies.

This means your views and beliefs are always respected and the therapy can change if an approach or technique would suit you more than another.


Humanist approach is a form of counselling/talking therapy allowing the client to talk about the present and find reasons in present causing issues to the client.


Learn exercises of relaxation, visualisation to reach your goals, learn about self-hypnosis, take control of negative thinking patterns.


Psycho-dynamic approach allows the client to talk about the past, approach issues with a Freudian point of view which can be useful to work on long lasting problematic relationships.


Get support to become a new you, reach new goals, use CBT to lose weight, change your lifestyle, succeed in a new career...


CBT helps you find triggers to depression and anxiety and workout your own solutions


CBT provides simple techniques to deal with stress, anxiety and depression

CBT can be used to modify a behaviour as well as negative thinking patterns in children and adults

CBT can be used to offer you psychological support to achieve goals, deal with an established condition




Hello, my name is Enora. I passed a Bachelor degree in Psychology with a French University, Rennes 2 in July 2021. I obtained outstanding grades in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming with Stonebridge college in 2018.


I have been a member of the BABCP, the British association for CBT therapists since June 2018. I am fully insured with Oxygen insurance to perform CBT and counselling.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a method allowing indivuals to rewire their brains. CBT is based on the belief thought, actions, physical well-being and emotions are closely linked. By modifying the way you think, you can learn to understand the cause and take control of intrusive thought patterns or negative behaviour. Taking care of your physical health will also help you feel great! 

You might need to talk to somebody about how you feel and think, a CBT therapist will provide you with a feedback and suggest exercises that could help you take control of your life.

You can also choose to talk about the present with a humanistic approach, or choose to investigate your past and discover your subconcious mind with a Psychodynamic Freudian approach.

I had the pleasure to discover a wonderful Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst at university, Jacques Lacan. His work is very subtle and technical. Lacan created mathematical symbols and formulas to express psycho-analytical concepts. He no longer wanted to prescribe medications to his patients. He wanted patients to think about the reasons that made them ill, to tackle issues to the core, instead of addressing the consequence using medications.
He added a psychiatrist's touch to the work of Freud.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can be applied to modify unappropriate  behaviour in children. I am experienced in using CBT techniques to challenge misbehaviour in children. My work as a nanny registered with Ofsted led me to undertake a lot of training and CPD, Continuous Professional Development, to support children's behaviour and mental health. I became so passionate about Psychology and children's well-being I persued my education in CBT, NLP and even passed a Bachelor in Psychology to become a CBT therapist!


Pay as you go

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Pay cash or by bank transfer


ienced child professional

Registered with Ofsted for 3 years

Insured for counselling and CBT

From the comfort of your home

Find out why your child misbehaves

£30 /Session

Save money receiving CBT online

CBT Sessions available after 7pm

Receive support daily if needed

Choose the approach you like

Get CBT when you go away

£20 /Session



Therapy from the comfort of your home

Interact face to face

Therapy when it suits you

As many sessions as you need

Affordable CBT counselling sessions

£30 /Session